A Muskie Fisherman’s Dream Camera!


As a lot of you know I spend quite a bit of my time behind the lens of a video camera following all sorts of fishing action. What I am even more excited about is getting out on the boat and chasing nothing short of the mighty Muskie. I can’t help but drift off to such destinations  as Vermillion, Mille Lacs or Lake of the Woods, picturing myself slinging blades or anticipating an early morning topwater assault. Something which happily haunts my mind each year is making the first turn on the figure-8 and having nothing but teeth staring back at me, lunging for my bait.


I have found a product I believe is worth sharing, something which will help you catch once in a lifetime experiences not only in the net but on video! The V.I.O POV camera is what I am talking about. I don’t consider this a shameless plug because I have had extensive experience running them this winter and I can’t wait to get them out into the boat chasing skies. I wanted to share it with you all of you!

Some of the features I am most excited about are the pre-record function, so I will never miss a boat side attack again, the ability to connect the camera to a constant power source, and a permanently attached viewing screen so I always know the composition of my video is vital.

Check out some of this Muskie video of what the VIO is capable. My plan is to not utilize the “1st person” camera view such as strapped on my head. I plan on mounting them all over the side of the boat so I can get all sorts of great underwater action.

This is the ultimate rig for a muskie fisherman looking to capture professional quality video, and I plan to have at least 4 of them watching my every move in the boat this summer!

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