31st Annual MN Deer Classic Day 1

Paige Duke and Mika
Paige Duke and Mika

Well, day 1 of the new location at the Deer Classic is in the books.   If the rest of the weekend shapes up to be like the first day, we’re in for a good time.    I think I can get used to this job!

I finally got to meet 12 year old Dylan Beach, who shot the 28 point Minnesota Monster!  I had a chance to have him on the radio show right after he shot it and it’s a great story.  You can read more about it here, and then meet Dylan and see his buck on display at the Kruger Farms area at the Deer Classic.

Dylan, his 28 point buck and the replica.  Can you guess which one is the replica?
Dylan, his 28 point buck and the replica. Can you guess which one is the replica?

Kruger Farms has all kinds of cool stuff this year, as the lovely Paige Duke is back at the Farm and hanging out at all weekend.  From http://www.paigemduke.com: Paige Duke is a former Miss Sprint Cup, model, actress and spokes person. Paige loves to hunt, fish and ride horses. She loves animals and is a skilled veterinary assistant. She started working as a Skoal girl and loved traveling to the different tracks and meeting so many great people. Paige found out about the job opening for Miss Sprint Cup and it just seemed perfect. NASCAR has the southern roots and Paige Duke is a southern girl so the Career opportunity was a perfect match. Learn more About Paige Duke.

Kruger Farms also produced the largest muzzleloader buck shot by a woman in Minnesota this past fall and it’s on display.  Mel from KF worked the land leading up to the season, planting food plots, weeding them, and then finally harvesting a giant!  You can see her buck here and watch for her story coming soon in Minnesota Sporting Journal.

I also had the chance to hang out with Nikki Weller and Brent Larson from http://www.fieldofdreamstv.com.  Nikki has her art on display and Brent and I talked about chasing turkeys next month.  Sounds good to me!

Nicole Weller and a sample of her artwork
Nicole Weller and a sample of her artwork

Saturday and Sunday should prove to be good days at the National Sports Center in Blaine as the 31st Annual Deer Classic really kicks in.  Bring your rack to get it scored and put in the Record Book, or just hang out and get some great deals on gear.  There are blinds, guns, apparel, bows and even dogs here for sale, with much of it heavily discounted.

I may need to leave my wallet in the car for the rest of the weekend.   But we all know that won’t happen.  I better sell some more subscriptions!

Show times are 10a – 6p Saturday and 10a – 4p on Sunday.

Find out more info about the Deer Classic by clicking here. 

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