by Matt Soberg

deer classic*This article originally appeared in the winter issue of MNSJ magazine.  

The National Sports Center (NSC) in Blaine announced that is has reached an agreement with Hugh Price, the Long0time owner of the Minnesota Deer Classic, to acquire the iconic 30-year old event and move it to the NSC campus.

We’ll be talking to Greg Savino from NSC this weekend on MNSJ Radio to get the lowdown on all the events.  You can also get info here at their website.

The event is scheduled for Friday-Sunday, March 8 – 10, and it is projected to draw 6,000-10,000 attendees at its new venue.

By utilizing the NSC facilities, the event will be able to accommodate about 170 booths.  And in addition, Classic director Greg Savino said the NSC will be able to offer some new activities not feasible at the State Fairgrounds.

“We’re looking at using some of the other available space at the NSC to hold events that would be fun for a hunting audience,” said Savino.  “You might see an archery 3D competition, a dog shed antler hunting event, or some other creative enhancements that we’re working on.  You might even see some outdoor events.”

The Deer Classic will have a strong commitment to education, with seminars and workshops scheduled throughout the weekend.

Price started the Minnesota Deer Classic in 1982.  Earlier this year, he indicated a desire to sell the show and retire.  The NSC and Price have been in discussions about the Classic for several months.

“We’re proud to be able to step in and continue the tradition of the Minnesota Deer Classic,” said Savino.  “We’re respectful of everything Hugh has built with this event.  For him, it has been a labor of love and a way to invest in building the Minnesota hunting resource.  We hope to continue his proud legacy. “

Price will stay involved with the Deer Classic as a consultant.  He will also retain ownership of the Minnesota Record Book, the Deer Classic’s signature publication, in which hunters come to the Deer Classic to register noteworthy antlers, as measured on the Boone-and-Crockett and Pope-and-Young system.

The Deer Classic joins the NSC’s growing stable of outdoor sports shows, including the Minnesota Anglers expo, held in February and the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo, March 22-24, 2013.

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