by Bret “T-Bone” Amundson


If you’ve read the winter issue of Minnesota Sporting Journal magazine, then you already know that we’re going through a bit of a transition.  Hopefully, the transition will be seamless enough that you won’t even notice.

MNSJ founder and editor Matt Soberg was offered the prestigious position of editor at the Ruffed Grouse Society magazine.   As a long time grouse hunter and fan of outdoor publications, it was an offer he couldn’t refuse.


I was approached about a possible takeover for MNSJ and it didn’t take me long to realize that I wanted to do it.  I was a little apprehensive however, as I’d be taking that leap into company ownership.  I already owned one company ( so I wasn’t completely unaware of what was involved.  In fact, I may have been too aware, as I knew that everything would be placed upon my shoulders to be carried forward.  No taking days off, no half-hearted attempts; my future relied solely on my job performance.

Matt had put together a beautiful product.  The magazine is high quality, with great writing and incredible photography.  He knew that I wasn’t going to come in and rewrite the handbook; I’d continue the vision that he had a passion for.

MNSJ will continue to be the same high quality publication that Matt put together, in fact he’ll still be making appearances in the magazine and helping out from time to time to ensure that the more things change, the more they’ll stay the same.

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I wanted to introduce myself as the new publisher and let everyone know that I’ll work tirelessly to bring you the absolute best magazine printers can lay ink to.   Great stories from across the state of Minnesota and mind-blowing photography delivered right to your mailbox four times a year.  Newsstands across the state will continue to feature MNSJ as well, including some new, convenient locations.

I also want to pass along my contact information for outdoor writers and photographers who might want to contribute to MNSJ.  We’re always willing to accept submissions,  so feel free to sent them over.  We’ll pour over them and see what fits within the pages of Minnesota Sporting Journal.

You can reach me at


A few new contributors, a brand new website and some new locations to buy the magazine are about the only changes that you will notice.  We’ll be launching the new website very soon, and it will include a daily version of the magazine with the photographs and articles you’ve come to know in the MNSJ.

We’re also expanding the radio show some more, adding a Bemidji station soon.  Plans include picking up radio stations in the southern part of the state as well to give our friends down there a chance to get their weekly MNSJ outdoors fix.

So there you go.  The only real change you will notice will be: Seeing us in more places!

Matt did a great job with MNSJ and I thank him for giving me the opportunity to keep it going.   My goal is to have a magazine that he’ll aspire to be editor of again one day.  Thanks for being a part of the MNSJ family and I look forward to bringing you the best in Minnesota and what Minnesotans like to do.

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Bret Amundson

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  1. Congratulations Bret! I suppose you will call this ” work” ??? Your passion for the magazine and the outdoors is obvious. Nice when your hobby becomes your career as well. We know you and your staff will do well with this endeavor…

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