34th Annual International Eel Pout Festival

Credit – Walker Pilot


2013 marked a record turnout at the International Eel Pout Festival with an estimated 15,000 people in attendance.  If you ask why the festival is deemed international? It is rumored many years ago, a guy from Canada took a wrong turn and ended up in Walker, MN thus making the festival an international ordeal!

I had the opportunity to attend this year, as years before, and did not disappoint. If you never have been to the Pout fest, there are two routes you can take. 1. Hardcore Pout Fisherman (Pop. 100) 2. Outdoor Enthusiasts here for a good party (14,900). I took the second path, opting to enjoy a few lagers and also spend some time wetting a line. I spent the rest of the weekend with good friends, sportsman from around the country, a few beers, and an empty bag of wine.

Forgive us
Forgive us if we caused any trouble!

Sara & Pout

Chandra & Pout

Mo & Pout

After arriving late on Thursday night, 5am Friday came awful early. The morning bite was fast and furious. Fast in that it only lasted about 15 minutes but our holes came alive with Walleyes, and soon came the Cisco. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to lay into an Pout but it wasn’t the case for everybody.

Jared Frederich of Rice, MN claimed his second title with  the largest Pout weighing 14lbs with 2nd, and 3rd coming in just shy.

Jesse Frederich with his 1st Place Fish PHOTO CREDIT LOA
Jared Frederich with his 1st Place Fish

The deep snow made travel a little more difficult but it turned out to be a weekend which is permanently marked on my calendar for years to come!

Official Results

1st Jarred Frederich 14.00 lbs

2nd Adam McClung 13.33 lbs 3rd Steven Smith 13.30 lbs

4th Chad White 8.75 lbs

5th Ethan Rogers 8.32 lbs


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