Why not throw a pout party?

mnsjrjawsFor 34 years thousands of “fisherman” have descended upon Leech Lake in Walker, MN for a weekend-long celebration of ling.

Or burbot.

Poor man’s lobster.

Whatever you want to call it, and however you feel about the slimy, twisting, prehistoric looking fish called “eelpout”, the Eelpout Festival is something everyone needs to experience.

We’ll talk to owner Jared Olsen about the  34th Annual Eelpout Festival to find out what it is all about.   Eelpout fishing on Leech Lake, a charitable polar plunge, the bikini ice fishing team and micro championship wrestling all wrapped up neatly in a celebratory weekend in Walker.

Honestly more partying probably takes place than fishing.

We will also feature a double dose of wildlife photography from two of the best.  Minnesotans Michael Furtman and Bill Marchel will be on to discuss what it takes to photograph some of the wildest animals in the state.  Marchel also lets us in on the behind the scenes events of the cover photo on the new issue.MNSJ COVER Winter 2013

I’m hoping to track down Georgia Pellegrini (see video below) and Hank Shaw while we’re at Pheasant Fest for future shows as well.    Cooking wild game has become as popular as hunting it and these two have become some of the top chefs in the country in the outdoor kitchens.

Tune in this weekend on a station near you!  Everyone’s doing it.   You can also listen to past shows in our podcast section here. 

Bret “T-Bone” Amundson


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