The winter issue is on it’s way!  You should be seeing it on newsstands and in your mailbox early next week.

MNSJ COVER Winter 2013

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Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s in store: 

2413 - dylanbucktrailcam

-Matt Soberg digs into the history of Pheasants Forever.  Todd Kuhn and Mike Anderson get after big whitetails.  Dylan Beach tells the story of his 28 point Minnesota Monster.   Ben Brettingen describes what can go wrong out on the ice, while Kuhn shows us what can go right with some beautiful walleye pictures through the ice.   Artist and outdoor enthusiast Nikki Weller offers her first spot and stalk buck success story and Tyler Scott talks about the tradition of trapping.    All that and more, including more wildlife photography, including the great cover shot by Bill Marchel.

A turkey feather painted by Nikki Weller

Don’t forget to find us at Pheasant Fest for your chance to win free stuff!

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