Roger the turkey, is back?

12313 - rogerbowby Bret “T-Bone” Amundson

I’d heard the rumors.

Roger the Glyndon, MN turkey…was back!

Did he fake his own death?  Was there an imposter, stealing his identity?  Or…gasp…could it be Roger’s Ghost!  (cue the Psycho sound effects here)

12312 - rogerwalk

You may remember the story of Roger the turkey.  I wrote about my experience with him last fall.  At the time I hadn’t heard about this gobbler that stole the hearts, minds and some cookies of the residents of this northern Minnesota community.

Roger’s frogger-like luck finally ran out as he tried to sneak across the busy Highway 10.  News of his demise spread like wildfire.  While in Northwestern Wisconsin for the gun deer season, I saw the story while watching the 10 oclock news.

Not long after, I started to hear reports of echoing gobbles behind the Hill Lounge.  Feathers were seen in the Stamart parking lot.

12313 - turkeyfeather

And then…there it was.

Roger, in the middle of Highway 10.

12313 - rogerisback copy

Or was it some cruel hoax?

Ok, maybe this was just someone’s memorial to Roger.  As far as the other strange occurrences, we may never know…time to call the bird whisperer.

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