What do decoy stings, 28 point bucks and hero shot proposals have in common?

by Bret “T-Bone” Amundson

Ben Brettingen is in Montana filming for the Outdoor Channel’s show “Wardens”.  How would you react if you were sitting in the dark, watching over a trophy muley buck in rural Montana?  What if I told you the deer was a decoy, set up to bust poachers?  You’d probably say that people who poach are NOT hunters or true representations of sportsmen and need to be patrolled.

Unfortunately that is reality and on Ben’s trip that’s exactly what he got to do.  Did they have someone actually shoot at the decoy?  Did a high speed chase ensue……???  Find out on this week’s Minnesota Sporting Journal Radio Show, then watch Warden’s on the Outdoor Channel starting in January to see Ben’s footage.

Trail cam picture of Dylan’s buck. Wow. Wooow. Whoa. WOW.

What feeling would you experience if you saw a world class buck browsing 50 yards from the tip of your loaded rifle?  Heart pounding excitement?  Tunnel-vision induced nervousness?  Would a warm trickle slowly start to fill your pants?   Haha, sorry about that last one.

What if you weren’t old enough to shave yet?

12 year old Dylan Beach of Motley, Minnesota tells us the story of shooting his Minnesota Monster on the opening day of the gun season.

Congrats to Nikki and Brent!

Guys, did you get creative when you proposed to your wife?   Ladies, how would you feel about shooting a pope and young whitetail and getting engaged shortly thereafter?  Nikki Weller tells us the story of filling her first ND archery tag with a beautiful 8 pointer, then filling her dance card by gaining a new fiancé in the field.  She also makes some really cool wildlife art.    Nikki shares the details this weekend.

Find a station near you and tune in!     Did you miss last week’s show?   Click here to download and listen to podcasts of previous shows.   Last week included Lou Cornicelli from the MN DNR recapping the opening weekend of the gun season, Jason Zins offering insight on using lighter ballistics for deer hunting, and Tony Groskreutz tells us where the fish are biting before the lake freezes over.

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