Filming Wardens…



Ben Brettingen

Avery Outdoors ProStaff

The snow out in Montana finally broke this afternoon, but we were able to set-up the deer decoy for a sting operation. In case you are totally confused, I am out in Montana filming with Montana Fish, Game and Parks officers for the show Wardens on the Outdoor Channel.  This morning came early as we met at HQ for a brisk 4:00am rendezvous.  We then found what the Warden’s described as a truly beautiful set-up as we had clear view of the decoy, and the road where perspective poachers would be driving. As the hunters filed out towards their hunting area, they couldn’t miss our nice buck easily frozen in the beams of the headlights.  A few cars zipped by, and as we thought the day was going to be over, three cars passed.  The first two passed without a gleam from the brake light, the third however illuminated the snowy morning darkness with an ominous red light.  He sat with the deer frozen in the headlights, a target too enticing…. Be sure to check out season 3 to see if Mr. Muley was too good looking for the passerby.


We are headed back out to film a variety of activities conducted by the Wardens for the next week. Stay Tuned for more action, and some good photos from Montana.

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