by Bret “T-BONE” Amundson

Dylan Beach and his once in a lifetime bruiser!

Dylan Beach was the lucky youth that pulled the trigger recently and downed the buck of a lifetime.   I’ll be speaking with Dylan about the experience soon, but since he’s in school today, I spoke with his brother Dalton.

Trail cam picture of Dylan’s buck. Wow. Wooow. Whoa. WOW.

Dalton was across the field in another stand when Dylan downed the antlered beast.  They hadn’t seen this buck before, but word of Dylan’s luck soon spread and trail cam photos began to trickle in. Velvet pictures from 2 months prior to the season materialized before the big bruiser disappeared.  But once the season opened it was a different story.

We also spoke with Gary at the Bear’s Den in Leader where the deer was brought after it was shot.  For over two hours more than 50 hunters marveled at the specimen.  He thought Dylan may have been offered money for the mount already and turned it down!

I was also told that someone was with Dylan in the stand and they let him pull the trigger on this monster instead of taking him themselves.  If that’s the case, this is truly a great story rich with passing on the tradition to our youth.

Congrats Dylan!

Could this be a new Minnesota state record?  Once the rack dries and is officially scored, we’ll know for sure.  For now enjoy the pictures and we’ll find out what Dylan had to say about it soon.  I’m pretty sure he should have gotten the day off from school for this!

Bret “T-Bone” Amundson

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