Basic bbq’ed backstraps!

by Bret “T-Bone” Amundson

This is the easiest recipe you’ll find.  It’s not fancy, but it’s tough to beat.  This is the perfect way to grill up steaks at deer camp or at home.  I like it cuz it’s quick.

No steak sauce needed.

I love to eat steak.

Example:  I thawed out my last two backstraps from last season.  In fact, had I known I still had them, they would have been digested months ago.  They were hidden away in my deep freeze until one lucky day last week when I won the lottery.   I didn’t win the lottery in the sense that you might think-there was no money involved.  Finding two backstrap steaks IS winning the lottery to me.

I had planned on sharing them on my recent trip to the Badlands and had begun the thawing process.    My lab, Mika, cut her foot open during a rugged pheasant hunt that went unnoticed until it became infected.  Her paw had grown to the size of a baseball.

That cut the trip short and I ended up on the road heading for my local vet.   (She’s fine and will be ready to rock some roosters again this weekend).

My conundrum now, however, was that there were two thawed steaks in my fridge that needed to be grilled.  Actually it’s not really a problem for me…I ate them both.  Yum.


-Take thawed meat.

-Coat in olive oil

-Sprinkle generous amount of montreal/canadian steak seasoning

-Grill on indirect low heat to your liking (I prefer just a touch past medium rare on venison-but not medium)

-Consume until it’s gone.  If you can’t finish it, call me.   I’ll help.

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