Talk to me Goose.

By Bret “T-Bone” Amundson

Magazine, radio, blog AND film?   (See the videos below from our goose shoot this week!)

Our fall issue of the Minnesota Sporting Journal is only a few weeks away.    I can’t wait.  We’ve been writing stories, taking photos and getting everything laid out.  It’s really taking shape nicely.   Make sure to subscribe now to get it!  We’re going to have some spectacular photography in it (like usual).   We always save the best photos for the magazine….

Week two of the new MNSJ Radio show is ready to go this weekend.  The waterfowl opener is Saturday morning.  Make sure you have your license, your HIP number and some shells!  If you don’t have a call yet, get ahold of Cory at DRC Calls.  He’s got some great quackers and honkers that will fool the wariest of the winged.  Cory joins us on the radio show this weekend to give us a fall forecast on the waterfowl season and tells us how to hunt sandhill cranes.   Cool.

The sun isn’t setting for our fishing friends, Tony Groskreutz from Get Outdoors Marketing talks top water lures and other fishing tactics for the fall.  He covers the Twin Cities Metro lakes as well as some of the hotspots outstate.   What is he using to catch fish right now?  He’ll tell ya.

Our editor Matt Soberg finally makes his radio debut to give us the lowdown on why he started up the MNSJ.    He’ll break down what to expect in the fall issue and a sneak peek into the winter issue.

Those are geese.

And we talk GOOSE FEST!  We’re pumped about this.  It’s the 38th annual celebration of the waterfowl season in Middle River, MN.  Goose tacos, goose calling contests, parades and more.  Sounds like our kinda party.  If you see us you might just get goosed too.   We’ll find out all the goosey details with Laura Anderson from the Thief River Falls C&VB.

We’d also like to welcome KNOX-AM in Grand Forks to the Minnesota Sporting Journal Radio Network!

Finally, the Backwoods Film Tour is coming.  More information is on it’s way, but I can give you a heads up that we’ll be giving away tickets very soon for this.  It’s gonna be a great time.  Plus there’s free beer.

Go to the Backwoods Film Tour! Did we mention there’s free beer?

Ben Brettingen put together a short video from our early Minnesota goose hunt earlier this week.  Consider it an appetizer for what you’ll see at the BFT.

I also strapped on the video cam sunglasses to give you a first person account of all my misses and lucky shots.


By Bret “T-Bone” Amundson

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