As the Sun Sets on Summer…

Like you need to hear it one more time, yes fall is near.  Normally I would consider it to have started back on August 15th with the early goose season in North Dakota, but not this year. I have still been fishing, swimming, and getting ready for the upcoming bow season.

I consider fall to officially start tomorrow morning one half hour before sunrise, when I will have the chance to sling my arrow at an unsuspecting whitetail.  As we turn the next page, here is a recap of what my summer entailed.

After skipping graduation from NDSU to help guide for the governors opener, I left for Hackensack, and called it home! Still forgetting to put in the boat plug!

Lake of the Woods presented some of the finest Walleye fishing in my memory of fishing in the Walleye factory.

Matt, Paul and I hit Shoepack in search of Minnesota’s mighty Muskie. We got lost miles away from society, a welcome feeling as we had a great time roughing it.

Shortly after the summer issue of the Minnesota Sporting Journal was unveiled with a beautiful cover shot by Erik Thue of Musky Country Outfitters

The dog days of summer fell on northern Minnesota, as I spent time skiing, swimming, and shooting! There is no better place to spend the summer, I can assure you!

I had the chance again this summer to fish Vermillion, but all it gave us back was more pleasure boaters than Lake Minnetonka on the 4th of July, and more muskie fisherman than holding the PMTT in a bathtub.

The yearly  summertime trip came again as we left for Grand Marais, snuggled up on the North Shore, arriving just before the sun peaked over Lake Superior. Blake, Jess, Josh, Sara and I made it to the top of Minnesota, caught native brookies, and enjoyed some of Minnesota’s greatest waterfalls.

Game Fair 2012 was a 100% success, as people were genuinely excited about the publication! Mika & Bret also had fun running the dog events.

Finally early goose season in North Dakota Opened, and for the first time since I went to college, I didn’t smash birds for an entire week, but was able to get out for one day.

Matt discovered a sweet little trout stream we have utilized around the working hours!

Bret & I got the chance to watch Mika have some fun off the dock in early September! She is one funny pup!

We got to brush up on some fall pheasants at Hunt’s Point in Nisswa, giving the dogs quite a work out in the heat! Some more great pictures to come!

It was truly one of the greatest summers I have ever experienced, the greatness stemmed from the great places, and more so the great people. I can’t express what a amazing time it has been with the MNSJ crew, and all the astounding friends & family I was able to be with.

I would expect nothing less from the fall as the sun sets on summer…I’m Ben Brettingen

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