It reminds me of those glory days of college.  It appears the younger generation of outdoorsmen love to “chase curls”.

Our recent poll on our favorite fall activities, admittedly, surprised me a bit.  Waterfowl won approximatly 2 to 1 compared to pheasant hunting.  I guess Minnesotans are geared up for bird hunting this year.

My hunch is that many of our Facebook followers are of the younger variety.  A quick jaunt through Game Fair will yield an understanding of how immensely popular the waterfowl industry has become.  I think it is largely driven by younger hunters, which by all accounts, is music to my ears.

This editor, again admittedly, must be getting old.

Where are all the deer hunters?  At first blush, I assumed the typical blaze orange brigade would quickly vote firearm deer hunting or at least cause some hanging chads for bow hunting.  That’s not the case, I guess.

The MN waterfowl season opens on September 22, 2012, which cannot come soon enough.  Make sure to brush up on all of the rules and limit changes, all of which can be found with the help of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Website:

The weather this year is turning  our seasons quick to fall, and I am hoping big greenheads will be doing the same following a side-by-side blast . . . quick to fall.

By Matt Soberg

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