Broadhead Debate 2012

The Minnesota archery season is on the doorstep. I have been out slinging arrows, waxing my strings and buying new equipment. I spend hours debating and researching brands of arrows, cover scents and last but not least…..broadheads.

This debate has almost been beaten to death as bad as the Ford vs. Chevy, but time in and time out, I hear at the sporting goods shops:

What kind of broadhead do you suggest?

I’ll start by unleashing my two cents on the subject. I haven’t buried as many arrows as Miss Tiffany or Mr. Waddell, but I consider myself an average Joe. I may not have access to Whitetails large enough to send me into night sweats…but I shoot and shoot and shoot some more.

I’ll start by saying, I have no ties to any broadhead company! I choose whatever I think will lay down the most ethical and effective kill shot. I swear by expandable broadheads, the wound channels created with the large cutting diameters cannot touch fixed blades. Second, they fly incredibly true. Right from the box, they will fly almost identically to a field point.

My “go-to” is a Grim Reaper Razor Tip expandable. Any targeted deer hasn’t made it more than 50 yards with these broadheads.

I would be the first person in line for the ever famous Rage broadhead, but I have a few qualms. First, I don’t like the rubber band blade retention system, if it gets nicked or is pushed into your quiver too hard the bands often break and the blades will be deployed. Second, I have heard horror stories about all the blades not expanding upon impact. However, the damage these broadheads inflict is almost second to none. I will say if you are going to go with Rage, stay far far away from the 3-blade, and opt for the 2-blade broadhead.

What kind of broadhead will you be carting into the woods this weekend?

See for yourself.  Here are a few great videos explaining the differences and showing some tests, and results for numerous fixed and expandable broadheads.

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