The Digressions of an Ex-Junkie…

I am not complaining, as I drive down 371 towards the office passing school bus’s trafficking children into another school year.  It has been the first year in well forever, I haven’t partook in the back to school festivities.  Although, I am upset I won’t be able to have my way with the waterfowl of North Dakota, as I look on my calendar, staying busy won’t be a problem.

The first time in ages, I will be able to spend quality time pursuing fall muskies, walleyes and change my weapon of choice from a browning gold with 3″ BB to a Mathews loaded with a Grim Reaper.

Now, as I am fresh out of college it only seems appropriate to reminisce about the “good ol days.”  Four years ago, I was exploring the bounties NW MN & ND had to offer.  The dorm room was my hunting shack, and saw perhaps one to many animals being skinned.  I think the line ended up being drawn with a coyote, with the RA not being as enthused as I.

I can’t help but fight what my next fall fix is going to be now that I have a fresh start in northern Minnesota.

What is your favorite fall outdoor past time? Is it watching Mallards fold like an accordion in your face, or the telltale smack of an arrow connecting with brown?

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