Down a Backroad Part II

A lot of the times some of the best outdoor opportunities lie right at your finger tips without ever seeing them.  How often are you taking trips up north to hit a walleye mecca, or a “miracle mile” trout trip?  I have fallen victim spending the money, and heading other places in search of easy foraging.

I headed to a trout stream, which Matt had pioneered earlier this week and boy o boy was it a gem.  Just like the earlier pictures promised, the trout were there, and I knew how to tickle their fancy.  As soon as my offering drifted through the run, the hoards of trout were all over it!  I can’t tell you how invigourating it was, a real pick me up!  I am counting down the days until I can return, and I can bet I may catch Matt sneaking out of the office soon.



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