Media EMPIRE expands!

By Bret “T-Bone” Amundson

“Hey let’s do a radio show.”

Why not, right?  As if putting together a pretty sweet magazine isn’t enough, we’ve decided to add radio into the mix.

We did it for a couple reasons:  One, I’m a glutton for punishment.  I’ve done radio for 18 years and as the saying goes, “you never really leave it”.  Two, we believe it is a perfect compliment to the magazine.  A lot of content hits the cutting room floor when you put out a quarterly publication.  Three, we have to pay the bills!.  If we can offer an advertiser print, web and now radio?  It’s a logical choice!


“Okay, lets do it.  What’s next?”

Then the fun began.  What to call it? How long should it be? Where should it run? What should it sound like?  Who should we have for guests?  What should I wear?  “Let’s start it in mid-September and have 10 stations by October 1st across the state of Minnesota.”   Bah, piece of cake!   At least that’s what I kept saying.

Here we are 3 weeks later and we’ve a show.  In fact we already have 7 stations lined up with more to come.  I will be hosting it along with Ben Brettingen and a cast of characters, guests, celebrities, experts, guides and anyone else we can put a mic in front of.   We’ve lined up Laura Schara, Johnnie Candle, Scott Threinen, Nick Anthony and more for the first few weeks.


Bret and Laura Schara

It’s going to be a one hour, fast paced, action packed show, jammed full of outdoors related shenanigans.   We’ll give away tips and tricks, preview any upcoming season, give away secret hotspots, vacation destinations, and probably make fools out of ourselves along the way.

All the details about where you can listen to this show will be coming soon.  Keep an eye out on our page (like us if you haven’t yet! We promise it will be the most exciting social media experience you will experience in the next 30 seconds).  If you live in Minnesota, or even one of the surrounding states, you will be able to hear this show.  If you run a radio station, get ahold of me.  We still would like to get into a couple of areas.  If you are an advertiser, get on board now before we jack up the rates because of our impending popularity.   Er something like that.  (I can host the show and give you an awesome deal on ads.  That is customer service.)


The Minnesota Sporting Journal Magazine, and now the Minnesota Sporting Journal Radio show.  Listen for the show in September and look for our fall issue coming in October.  Your ears and eyes will be happy.

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