What have I gotten myself into…

It appears reality has set in, and it seems I really haven’t graduated from college…Geometry is back. This time it is a little sweeter though.

If there wasn’t one thing I needed in life, it would be another obsession. This time, it is a cruel bipolar mistress…Skeet shooting. I don’t know if it is a clay ripping out of the house only 60 feet away at 46 mph, or is it simply a reminder of the real teal, either way it floats my boat. It is a game of physics, angles and timing, at least that’s what they tell me. I get out there and when it feels good, I do it. The scores have progressively been improving, well not quite. The first round I ever shot was a couple months ago, and I miraculously shot a 19 out of 25 . Ever since then my scores have been hovering in mid-teens. That is until today, when I tore out of my slump, and prompted, mostly out of excitement, me to write this post.  After dropping 22 out of the sky, I was pretty happy with my success. After bantering with the guys in the club house whether a 15 or a 25 was next I decided to try my luck. 23 clay targets later, I was quite smitten. It was no 25, but got my blood pumping to get back out and smash some clays.

I also have a few pictures from the MNSJ 2012 Sporting Clay Shoot, where Matt took the big W. He did say we let him win, well it’s hard to admit but I was going for it.  It really isn’t always about winning (what losers like me say) and the camaraderie built was priceless.  Thank you to Matt, Bret and Dave for such a fun day poking holes in the sky!

The bossman, pillaging clay pigeons!
Milliseconds from Crunch time!
Leaving in a cloud of clay!

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