I’m not talking about that stretch of wintery weather and gleeful exchange of gifts with friends and family.

I’m talking about hunting season.

Nothing gets me more excited than pulling decoys from the rafters and making sure they all have heads.   It becomes real when I erase the word “tentative” off all the opener dates that were penciled on my calendar.   When September hits, I can’t help but hum a few bars of an old Christmas classic.

I love fall, and it’s just about here.    September 1st marks the opening of many seasons in Minnesota and beyond.    Doves, geese and black bears can all be legally taken in 8 days.

The waterfowl regulations came out this week and included an increased bag limit on scaup.  In Minnesota, it increased to 4 per day, while the neighboring states also saw higher bag limits.

September 22nd marks the waterfowl opener for Minnesota with a north-south split offering extended opportunities.   Again, this year’s opener will be ½ hour before sunrise giving hunters a chance to get up bright and early on day 1.

As always, check the regulations for your area to make sure you are “in the know” on the latest rules.

The countdown is on! Now sing along with me:  (don’t worry – no one can hear you) . . .

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.


By Bret Amundson

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