Drum Roll Please . . . . . . . .

Matt “Ol’ Side by Side” Soberg!!

. . . . . and the crowd goes wild!!!!

The Minnesota Sporting Journal Crew from left to right:  Bret “TBone” Amundson, Dave Anderson, Matt Soberg and Ben Brettingen

Here are some snippets from the PRESS CONFERENCE:

Question:  How does it feel to be the world champion . . . I mean . . . MNSJ champion?

Soberg:  It feels good.  First I have to thank all of those who supported me throughout my journey.  It has been a long tough road, and I’m proud to be on top.

Question:  What does this mean to you?

Soberg:  It means all the practice in my back yard sporting clays course has paid off!  Nah, in truth, I’m pretty sure the guys let me win . . . so I don’t know.

Question:  What are you going to do now?

Soberg:  I’m going to Disney World.

Obviously, this is all in jest. I’ve always wanted to have a Press Conference, but have never had the chance.  No, seriously, I think the crew let me win.  It was a fun day, and we will see what happens next round!

Bret “TBone” Amundson cycles a following pair.

Ben Brettingen dials in…

Till Next Round . . .

Matt Soberg

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