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ImageTomorrow will mark the Minnesota Sporting Journal sporting clay shoot & board meeting. In good spirit, we are hosting a contest to pick who will end up with the best score on the round.  This blog should give you an insight into our contestants, and their past, good or bad.  A few lucky people who guess the winner will be receiving some MNSJ apparel. Vote on Facebook at or comment on this post.  Here are the contestants!


Matt Soberg, Editor.

Matt is a proficient wing shooter, as he has traveled across the country in search of grouse and pheasants. His go to gun is the old side-by-side, a taste acquired from his father.  In a closed door conversation, he had divulged one of his greatest fears for the shoot. He hasn’t pulled the trigger on a bird since last season. Now if somebody doesn’t vote for him, then somebody is going be fired….so my vote is for the bossman.


Bret Amundson, Sales Director West.

Weighing in at 8 pounds, of bird hunting fury, Bret’s weapon of choice, the sleek and steady, Beretta Extrema!  Unlike Matt, I have seen Bret pull the trigger this year no longer than a week ago. So rust will not be an issue, however I do have some inside information. I can confirm he missed his first shot this season, but recovered nicely.  If you want the seasoned, and rust free contestant…Bret is your gun.


Dave Anderson, Sales Director East.

Dave is considered the dark horse in the competition. Not because he lacks in skill, the term dark horse lies in the unknown. He is the newest member to the MNSJ crew, and I haven’t had the chance to size up this competitor. Most of my fears lie in the unknown, so for what I know, he could be Tom Knapp in disguise.  If you want to roll with the dark horse aka Tom Knapp…Dave is your horse.


Ben Brettingen, Associate Editor.

At one point in my waterfowling career, I was sending over 5 cases of shells into the sky.  Since moving into  a near desert of waterfowl hunting, compared to North Dakota, I am nervous myself.  Here is the reason I tallied up the birds I did. My signature move was when we were out duck hunting, I would call the shot, as I was already mounted and almost pulling the trigger. My next move was to shut my eyes, and yank off three shots as fast as humanly possible.  After the dust settled, regardless of the amount of birds on the ground, I would claim my three, or four if I was feeling ambitious. I am officially an over the hill bird hunter. If you want to go with the “a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile approach”, I guess you could pick me.

We will be posting photos, and video from the shoot before the weeks end! Be sure to vote for a chance to win some good looking MNSJ apparel!

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