Canada Cronies: The Goose Pack

ImageOne of the most coveted days of the year for a waterfowler is upon us. A day to trump wedding, family gatherings, births, and work. For the last four years it has been tradition to take the opening week of early goose season by the beak, and hunt hard.  It normally is composed of a huge group in search of ungodly amounts of birds. This far we are going light, a few close friends with chances of laying down the hurt on the honkers.


Through the last few years of hunting, I have built up quite the bunch of cronies to share hunting adventures. The good times have been endless, between the jamming out Big Willy style on the early morning car rides, to packing 9 guys into the “golden nugget”, a camper designed to sleep 4.  I am excited to have a running account of three different groups of honker hunters, and their stories of success and failure all on the Mn Sporting Journal’s blog.

ImageI have foregone my family commitments to make it out to NoDak, and the geese better be ready to rumble.  From what my companeros have divulged to me, tomorrow morning should look more like the fourth of July than August 15th.


I am just leaving the life of luxury in Hackensack to head to Fargo to spend a hard night scouting for a field I will call upon for the opener. Stay tuned, hopefully there will be good times, and honkers galore to share.

We want you to send accounts of the early goose season, we would love to share. Stories and pictures can be sent to


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