You truly have to love Minnesota!

The scene was a typical early Monday morning, and I was following my typical routine.  I was on my daily jaunt to the post office through the not-so-sleepy town of Nisswa, the location of our new Minnesota Sporting Journal office.  Following a weekend at Game Fair spreading the word about the MNSJ, I was a bit sluggish, but what I found on my trip perked me right up.

The P.O. Box left no surprises except new subscriptions cards, definitely a welcomed sight.  A stop by the local hardware store for a dual “open/close” sign for our front door was also successful.

My next stop was to the Stonehouse coffee shop, a hot spot for both me and the early morning travelers heading to the lakes.  I walked up to the register admiring the hustle and bustle of the place and the art of the wall.  The shop has a definite up-north aura, which is inviting.

As I ordered, I glanced down to my right to a coffee table in between two chatting patrons, and to my suprise, I saw the summer issue of the Minnesota Sporting Journal on top of numerous other magazines, almost to say, “Hey you . . . look at me!”

It made me smile, as I didn’t even know how it got there.  We haven’t been here very long.

I ordered my regular medium coffee to-go and dodged through the crowd to get to the coffee dispensers.  I had three choices, a regular french roast, an exotic dark brew, and a light called, “Nisswa Select.”   How could I pass up a cup of Nisswa Select.  It seemed so fitting.

The morning made me think that everything is coming together for the MNSJ.  The word is getting out about our high-quality publication, and we are in the right place, literally in the heart of Minnesota.

I can’t wait for the second week of Game Fair to spread the word some more!

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By Matt Soberg

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