Gearing Up For Early Goose 2012

ImageWhen I had just arrived to college, not much excited me more than the opportunity to smash giant honkers while many people were simply laying on the couch spending an August afternoon watching the outdoor channel.  Not me, I spent those nights on the roads looking for honkers, ready to spend the next morning dusting unsuspecting geese.  There is no better place than North Dakota to start your season out right.  This year the North Dakota Game & Fish unveiled their August 15th opener, typical of the last 4 years. This year however, there is a new regulation which has many people quite excited. From a 5 bird limit two years ago, to an 8 bird limit last year, and finally a 15 bird limit for the 2012 early goose season!  I can tell you where I will be next Wednesday, camping out waiting for my 15 birds to make a fatal mistake.



Checkout the ND press release for more information:

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