Welcome to what we like to call the “Blue Issue”.  The name certainly doesn’t reflect on our emotional state. The hue refers to the inevitable conversation in every bait shop, sporting goods store or around any water cooler in Minnesota this time of year: fishing, fishing, and fishing.

We can’t help the blue tint of July.  The color seems to cascade from every calm summer sunset and always drip from fins as we raise our scaled friends into the boat.

It comes with the territory, and we love it.

With the summer issue comes great excitement and anticipation for the Minnesota Sporting Journal crew.   We are positively ON THE MOVE in more ways than one!

I’m excited to announce the addition of Ben Brettingen as the Associate Editor for our publication.  The benefits Ben adds to what we do certainly goes without saying.  His creative talents and technical expertise in all media realms of writing, photography and video are an invaluable asset to the Minnesota Sporting Journal.

We are excited to announce that we have moved our offices to the Brainerd Lakes Area.  We will be headquartered in Nisswa, Minnesota, which is literally in the heart of Minnesota both geographically and in regards to outdoor opportunities.

It gets better.  We are rolling out our Backwoods Film Tour this fall.  The tour is a hunting/fishing filmmaker contest and event.   The film will consist of roughly two hours of short films featuring some of the up and coming filmmakers in our region. The film will be presented in various venues across Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and even Canada.  The event will feature a beer social before and during the film along with sporting goods give-aways during intermission.

If you love hunting and fishing, you must attend the Backwoods Film Tour.  You won’t be sorry.

Till Next Time . . . We Will Keep Moving On Up!

Matt Soberg, Editor


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