Down Some Backroad


As I inched along the logging road, horse flies filled up the backside of my side mirror, as they drafted in the summer heat. The washouts, downed trees and shoddy markings made this little trout hideout a diamond in the rough.  I had the duck boat in the back of my truck, with an old Evinrude 5.5 horse motor from the early ’60s still just as excited to hit the water as I was.  As she sprung to life, and the holes in the old aluminum hull followed suit.  Just as soon as the anchor hit the bottom, my bobber followed, I was connected.  This repeated itself for the next hour as I caught beautiful Rainbows, from a secluded little lake.  I even did battle with a giant I would suspect of pushing 18″-19″, but she proved a little much for my ultralight setup.  From the rise…I’m Ben Brettingen.

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