The Crush

The title says it all!  The lake was a zoo tonight, it was simply unbelievable.  After a quick pit stop to change deep cycle batteries, and get lost in some wiring we were back on the grind.  After reaching one of our milk run spots, it wasn’t long before we were hot into fish.  As soon as the jig was pitched out and it slowly sank to the bottom with its crawler tail, boom. Cast after cast, fish after fish.

We strapped on the cranks behind some new planar boards, and it didn’t take long to hook up.  It didn’t matter what you were doing, as long as you were on LOTW.

Finally, we decided to stop at the local watering hole and pick up some off-sale for a nice evening on the rock pile.  There was nothing relaxing about it, as the fish kept us occupied.  It really sank in when my dad mentioned it was the best fishing he has seen on Lake of the Woods in over 30 years.  From the Crush…I’m Ben Brettingen.

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