“Spring is almost over and the summer’s come and the days are gettin’ long…”

Sing it!

Im am not completely certain what I like better . . .  the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s song or actually fishing in the dark.

It is generally a tough call, but my last two night fishing outings far outweigh the song!  The action has been fast, and the rewards have been mighty tasty.

On a whim (and a pretty sketchy report) I decided to try my luck with lighted slip bobber fishing at night. I am glad I did.  It doesnt get much better than watching your bobber slip off below the water and out of sight. 

My first evening out I was joined by a friend, and we burned the midnight oil returning home at 3AM with five fresh walleyes with many more returned to the prairie pothole from which they were pulled.

With such a successful outing I called up my Dad to join me for round two.  Round two proved to be more successful than round one.  Together we landed over 30 fish and kept one limit for Dad to take home.  We were home early as we finished up at 12:30AM.  Tremendous walleye fishing five minutes from home, fishing from shore, using a simple set-up…that is what legends are made of.

By Todd Kuhn

Copyright 2012 Backwoods Revolution

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