The Morning After

1100 hours

Beds occupied and no signs of life. Stale tequila scent hanging in the cabin.


1200 hours

Boat tearing through the glassy waters of Lake of the Woods

1213 hours

Sunburn begins to set in. First snag. Swing and a miss.

1218 hours

Tom Brown lays into a true beauty


1500 hours

Everybody joining the dog, attempting to avoid heat.

1800 hours

Arriving on mainland

1900 hours

Time for a fish Fry!

Margarita Monday found a way to wreak havoc on our fishing crew, with the frozen concoction delaying the next morning’s journey.  None the less, we once again were able to tough it out today. Between the sun, glass like conditions and fish, life was grand.  From a little slice of heaven on earth…I’m Ben Brettingen

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