Northern Exposure…

Day one is in the books and the stained waters of Lake of the Woods did not fail to produce.

Petey’s vest yielded the big fish!

The walleye in this lake never got the memo about biting at sunrise and sunset, thus creating the 9 to 5 fisherman.  We tend to still get a late start, for in paradise watches hold little value.  Within minutes of arriving on our first rocky spot we were met with the wailing of drag, and flexing of graphite.  We plucked fish from the small hideout along with donating a few jigs to the fish gods.  Little brother had a hot stick today, and pulled in some of the larger fish, while tag teaming with dad for a double.  It didn’t take long to pick up our limit of plump, healthy walleyes for tonight’s fish fry.  From the great expanses of the north country…I’m Ben Brettingen

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