As the sun periodically peeked through, the random, yet similarly shaped, cumulous clouds rolled eastward creating a perfect day for golfing or yard work, however, I was on the lake . . . again.

June 2, 2012 marked the Minnesota muskie fishing opener, and I didn’t fish it.  I had planned to sling hash for some monstrous slime, but as often happens, I took advantage of some family time enjoying a pancake breakfast, which was well worth it.

A mild tardy start to the fishing day didn’t get in the way.  Instead of practicing the art of the figure-eight, we decided to sling some hash for a different species . . . or two.  Whether large or small-mouthed, we trolled the shallow reed beds hoping for a few strikes.


And strikes we did find, those of the smallmouthed variety.  We found ’em in a location not anticipated, but no complaints were had.  Also, of all the baits in my box, I didn’t expect the stand-by green tube jig to be the bronzeback killer.


It wasn’t fast and furious, by any means, but the semi-weedless tube slowly floated through the reeds.  A slight strike signified a bite that should not be underestimated.  A hook-set led to a run and jump that should not be mistaken for anythine else but a . . .  bronzeback attack.

Anytime you get time for a boat ride whether early or late, long or short, take advantage of it!  You can’t set the hook from the couch.




By Matt Soberg

Copyright 2012 Backwoods Revolution

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