Ok . . . I went admittedly went with a dumb and confusing title for this post, but I couldn’t help it.  Last night, I was heading past some of the best midwestern farm fields toward one of my favorite walleye holes and I thought to myself, “It seems like the start of a great bumper crop for the farmers this year.”  My crazy brain then led me to rhyme crop with walleye chop and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. So . . . I went with it.

It was a dream Minnesota night.  Conditions were perfect last evening for a walleye bumper chop.  Although no monsters were landed, everything was biting from slot fish to those perfect eaters sneaking under.  I believe the weather, moon phase and pressure aligned over the last two evenings for the benefit of Minnesota anglers.  Hopefully you took advantage of it.

We went “old school” with our fishing tactics.  The mild breeze allowed us to drift fish across preselected spots with a very slow presentation.  It was a great night for the classic slip bobber rig or vertical jig.  We weren’t fancy with the bait either with fatheads and leeches being the ticket.  Like I said, everythign was biting.

Hopefully, we have many more Minnesota nights.  Good luck fishing.

By Matt Soberg


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