What do Sharptail Grouse and fly fishing have in common you might ask?  Well, the easy answer is . . . not a lot . . . unless you are making an amazing homemade meal in anticipation of an evening watching “A River Runs Through It,” a timeless fly fishing classic.

It wasn’t the first time I had watched the fly fishing epic, however, it was the first time Sharptail tasted so good.  The mandarin Sharptail recipe called for a slight browning in the frying pan with the help of peppered flower, followed by a short time for baking smothered in oranges.

This is my new delicacy.

On top of that, a butter baked combo of asparagus and portobellas made the perfect pairing.

I was living the high life with my meal and the 1993 winner of the Academy Award for best cinematography.  This camera work makes you want to head straight west in search of streams and stoneflies.

The following is my favorite quote from the film:

““He called it shadow casting . . . Keeping his line above the water long enough and low enough to make a rainbow rise—and I realized that in the time I was away, my brother had become an artist.”

I anticipate that part of the movie every time I watch, and it makes me want to head to the river, especially in the spring.

Now, I am amped for this year’s fishing season, and luckily, I have a few grouse left in the freezer to tide me over ’till fall.

By Matt Soberg

Copyright 2012 Backwoods Revolution

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