When I explained my plan for the weekend, I was met with rolling eyes and confusion.

“You always talk about wanting to catch these huge fish, and now you are excited about fishing for minnows?” she said.

That wouldn’t be too far from the truth . . .  its time for the shiner run.

I met up with the seining crew this weekend to chase after, yes minnows.  Not just any minnow, the grand Poobah of minnows, the Spot Tail Shiner.  Checking out at around $10 bucks a dozen, it is gold to a walleye fisherman.

We tested our luck with the early spring, hoping we hadn’t missed our opportunity. Sure enough, a creek we had never been to started to shimmer, signaling a school of our silver friends.  We spent the day wading through the creeks, dodging suckers and seining for gold.

Check out the summer issue for the nitty gritty on seining shiners, and the walleyes we are soon to catch with them!

From the schooling shiners of northern Minnesota….I’m Ben Brettingen

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  1. I think it just great that there is Turkey hunt for the young boys soon to be young men !!!!Your just the best !!!!

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