I am pleased to report that the Inaugural Issue of the Minnesota Sporting Journal was a resounding success. It is extremely rewarding to see a plan come together. Although it has been only a few short months of publication, our team is enjoying the momentum. We are excited for the Spring Issue and the future of our coverage of Minnesota’s outdoors.

I truly believe we are onto something special. Get ready for a wild ride.

I am often asked, “Why did you start the Minnesota Sporting Journal?” Unfortunately, that answer is interestingly complicated.

To reply, I sarcastically quote Hunter S. Thompson and say, “We are in the search of the American dream, but we haven’t found it yet.” When I say that, I don’t mean it in the psychedelic or pessimistic way of Mr. Thompson, but rather, I mean we are chasing our dreams and will do anything to achieve them.

The story of our magazine’s beginning starts with the inherent desire to excel in outdoor media. I openly embrace the fact that all contributors to our journal epitomize the overused cliche, “we have a passion for the outdoors.”I don’t mind the cliche. For us, it is true.

For me personally, the passion grew to be more than just a hobby. I was accustomed to courtrooms, legal arguments, suits and ties. A change from law firm partner to journalist still raises eyebrows from many. I knew I could combine my business and writing talents with my love for wildlife and fisheries. With that, I set out to be a journalist.

I was lucky enough to have contact with Jay Hanson, the editor of the Montana Sporting Journal (an excellent and beautiful publication), who graciously took me under his wing. From Mr. Hanson, I learned the art of editorial strategy, and for that, I owe many thanks.

It didn’t take long, and the idea of the Minnesota Sporting Journal was born. I decided to make my dream a reality. When I set a goal, I stand by the good ol’ Vince Lombardi premise: “winning isn’t a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing . . . There is no room for second place.”

I am extremely excited about the team I have put together as contributors for our magazine.  It is a pleasure to work with these individuals every issue.  The team is made up of young smart gentlemen, who have a true yearning to communicate their outdoor stories.  In their writing and through their photography, you get a glimpse of reality.  You can feel what it is like to be on their adventures.

A benefit of journalism and media is the ability to communicate a message and somehow make a difference in the masses. We intend our magazine to be more than just a read. We want our stories and photography to invoke all emotions from joy to sometimes anger to maybe disbelief, all in the same piece.  You can count on the utmost quality and honesty in every issue of the Minnesota Sporting Journal.

Again, I hope you enjoy!

Matt Soberg, Editor: Minnesota Sporting Journal



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