Members of the Minnesota Sporting Journal staff had the chance to hit the ice for a little rest and relaxation last weekend in Central Minnesota.  We didn’t force the fishing issue and focused on the fun and camaraderie of the event (fishing midday doesn’t always yield success).

The cold weather had set in the day before, which seemed to have startled and slowed the fish activity.  It wasn’t fast and furious, but fish were had.  The mose successful anglers peered down the hole most of the afternoon.  An occasional sunfish nibble and pike strike kept us on our toes.

Despite the historically mild weather before us, the theme of the group was that spring cannot come soon enough.  Talk of boat fishing and turkey hunting kept smiles on faces and stories from years past flowing.

I’m not ready to put the ice poles away just yet.  I think I have at least one more trip up north in me and some more afternoons catching sunfish awaiting.


By Matt Soberg

Copyright 2012 Backwoods Revolution


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