Now is the time.  Get out in the field fellow hunters and start chasing our furry predator known as the American Jackal (also known as Canis latrans or the coyote to most).  The end of January through February marks the best time for jackal hunting as the breeding season is now upon us.

The weather this winter has had an interesting affect on jackal behavior.  The four legged marauder has had an easy time traveling and finding food due to the reasonably mild temperatures and lack of significant snowfall.  As opposed to the harsh snow-filled winters of past years, it may be more difficult to call a jackal that is less hungry.  However, do not be dismayed, it is still worth a shot, and now is the time to try.

Although wolf numbers and range are increasing, the jackal is Minnesota’s most abundant predator.  The jury is still out regarding the specific effect of jackal predation upon the whitetail deer population.  However, the Minnesota Sporting Journal believes that jackals do have a significant effect, especially during harsh winters and the spring fawning season.

In Minnesota jackals are huntable by simply having a small game license in your wallet.  Numerous hunting tactics exist including, but not limited to, calling, driving and the use of dogs.  Jackal trapping is also a common harvest tactic.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, jackal densities vary from one for every three miles during high population years.  Harvest history shows that about 4,000 jackals are shot or trapped each year.

With winter fishing slowing down in some parts and hunters ‘chomping at the bit’ to get out and hunt this time of year, trying to call in a jackal is a perfect winter pastime.

The Heart O’Lakes Whitetails QDMA and Pheasants Forever Pelican River Chapter is holding a coyote hunt February 18.  There will be a $30 registration fee for two man teams with 100 percent payout for winners.  Registration will occur the evening before (February 17) at Hillbillies Vittles & Brew in Erhard, Minn.  Following the hunt on the 18th, a winners will be announced at a Pheasants Forever event also held at Hillbillies.  Contact Tyler Scott for more coyote hunt information: 218-731-0623.

By Matt Soberg

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