Not very often does a hungry angler get the chance to chase trout in Minnesota this time of year.  With the closing day of the trout season falling on the daunted Hallow’s eve and a pending pheasant trip planned for that weekend, Saturday was the day for last chance trout. 

I failed to mention how simply delicious rainbows can be, which is something that drives my movitivation to man the cooler weather in search of a good meal.  Plank cooked rainbows with the skin left on are hard to beat.  A little bubbling butter and the taste buds are cheering!

One mention of a trout adventure to my brother-in-law Dan, and we were off.  Adventure wasn’t the least of it, considering carrying a 12′ aluminum boat through poplars fit for a grouse hunt.  We managed quite well and were soon afloat on the sun glistened water.

It was a beautiful day, one that I am afraid might be the last for the year.  I just have a feeling that snow is coming soon.  The wind was evident, however, only a sweatshirt was necessary.  Being from Canada, it was no surprise that Dan wore shorts.  We were both holding on to the last good weather ’till the bitter end.

The legwork proved to be worth it, as the fish were biting, presumably getting ready for the harsh Minnesota winter we too were both dreading.  We had the old Pflueger Phanton trolling us back and forth only to stop after a trout strike and successful landing. 

Mini-crank baits seemed to do it.  A little extra weight to get them deeper, and the fish seemed to be attracted immediately.  It is exciting to reel in a trout, something I had not done in quite some time, instead of a walleye or pike.

Most were released, but we did keep a few with the intentions of cooking up “Rainbow Hors Devours,” which I can tell you with confidence is a welcome change to the diet.

As is usual, the trip back up the hill to the truck with the boat was more strenous.  I think we had used up our adrenaline to the lake and during every trout retrieve.  On the way home, we both said we’d do it again, and made a pact to continue to adventure.  It beats the couch on weekends!

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